Daily stand-up

User Stories Are Easy – Repeat Performance

Daily stand-upUser Stories Are Easy – Repeat Performance

How to Turn Old-fashioned Requirements into Great User Stories

Thursday, November 18, 2010 2:15 PM
BusinessAnalystWorld: Las Vegas 2010

Some of you missed the chance to hear Jeffrey speak at BusinessAnalystWorld: Denver, and this is your last chance to hear him talk on this topic during the coming year!


Stop struggling! The transition to Agile and Scrum, is not as difficult as most Business Analysts fear. The format is different. The tools are different. The timeline is different. Your co-workers might be different. Maybe your title is different too. It doesn’t matter, because requirements do not change with the tides and they do not change with the methodology.

Come and participate in this deep dive into User Stories, learning how your familiar tools work in Scrum.

Session objectives: 

  1. Be able to describe the elements of a good user story
  2. Explain how traditional requirements tools compare and fit in with user stories
  3. Answer the question, “What happens to all the stuff I no longer document?”
  4. Discuss how your scrum team will use and appreciate your requirements


Conference Information: BusinessAnalystWorld

Session Link: User Stories Are Easy