Behavior Driven Development

I love BDD, even if you call it Specification by Example or Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). I think this is one of the most powerful tools Business Analysts can put in their tool belt. I am getting more questions asking for more information about how BAs can use BDD, so I am putting up this page to some of the best links on the topic.

For the unitiated, here’s an early description from Dan North.

Behaviour-driven Develeopment is about implementing an application by describing its behavior from the perspective of its stakeholders.


This first set targets the very basics of using Given-When-Then, but does not cover much BDD.


This set introduces the what and why of BDD and is a great supplement for the practical set above.


When you are ready to dig a bit deeper into the topic, here are some great resources:


Do you have some questions about how BDD intersects with TDD and different tools?


Did you know BDD is surrounded by a number of great concepts that reinforce and enhance BDD? It’s true! Check this out:


Do you learn better by watching videos?These videos have some great information.

Agile Specifications BDD and Texting Exchange 2009

  1. Dan North, “How to Sell BDD to the Business”
  2. Gojko Adzic, “Challenge Requirements”
  3. Liz Keogh, “Fractal BDD”

Agile Testing & BDD eXchange 2011

  1. Gojko Adzic, “Visualising Quality”
  2. Chris Matts, “Driving Requirements from Business Value”
  3. Matt Wynne, “BDD as it’s Meant to be Done”


Follow the deep thinkers in BDD:

  1. All about #BDD, a summary of related twitter links
  2. @gojkoadzic Gojko Adzic
  3. @lunivore Liz Keogh
  4. @PapaChrisMatts Chris Matts
  5. @tastapod Dan North 


Do you have a question?

  1. Specification by Example | Google Groups


Is your favorite article, video, or blog post missing from this list? If so, then shoot me a note with your favorite BDD related link.

 Last Update: May 27, 2014