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Read “Discover to Deliver”

In Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning & Analysis, Ellen Gottesdiener (author of The Software Requirements Memory Jogger and Requirements by Collaboration) and Mary Gorman tackle one of the largest problems facing Agile and Scrum software projects, how to successfully integrate the ideas and tools made so popular over the last decade into working, valuable solutions. Continue reading “Read “Discover to Deliver”” »


Your stories are too big

TL;DR: Many teams ask for larger stories because they do not see how to slice the work into smaller chunks. When you give into this anti-pattern you are making developers work harder, and possibly decreasing the value of what you deliver. Write smaller stories and your team will be both happier and more productive.  Continue reading “Your stories are too big” »


Test Driven Retrospectives

TL;DR: Retrospectives can lead your team to becoming a powerhouse. One method of ensuring you making real improvements is Test Driven Retrospectives, where you define the desired state during the retrospective. By writing provable statements ahead of working on the task, you ensure everyone has the same understanding and knows what successful change looks like.

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