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All About BDD

I maintain a page of links to great materials about BDD. Each section has it’s own focus in an easy-to-use tool. Check it out.

Check out my page on BDD

My Videos about BDD

The above video is an early version (April 2011) of my presentation on BDD, titled Unleashing the Power of Behavior Driven Development. It also includes a brief explanation of feature injection.


This video of How to Improve Your Project with Tiny Stories is a more recent version on the same topic and includes workshop activities to help the audience understand more about using Given-When-Then.



Blow-up the Iron Triangle: Rethinking Software Project Approaches and Goals to Increase Business Value, August 2013
This paper is inspired by Jim Highsmith’s earlier post, Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: The Agile Triangle. Presented at the 6th Annual UTD Project Management Symposium.

Reducing Risks Using Behavior Based Requirements, August 2012
This paper is a version of my talk on BDD. Presented at the 6th Annual UTD Project Management Symposium


Promise Theory

If you are looking for a bit more information on Promise Theory, then please check out this set of links.