Behavior Driven Development

I love BDD, even if you call it Specification by Example or Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). I think this is one of the most powerful tools Business Analysts can put in their tool belt. I am getting more questions asking for more information about how BAs can use BDD, so I am putting up this page to some of the best links on the topic.


If you only have time to read a little bit, read these:

  1. Introduction to BDD by Dan North
  2. Learning from mistakes with BDD by Andrew Jutton
  3. BDD in the Large by Liz Keogh
  4. Behavior Driven Development on Wikipedia
  5. Specification by Example: a love story by Alister Scott


If you’ve got more time, start digging in deep with these:

  1. Behaviour Driven Development by Liz Keogh – A great set of links about most everything related to BDD
  2. 10 Reasons Why BDD Changes Everything by Larry Apke
  3. Defining BDD a conversation on Google Groups
  4. Virtual Panel: Specification by Example, Executable Specifications, Scenarios and Feature Injection by Dan North, Gojko Adzic, Liz Keogh & Matt Wynne
  5. ATDD vs. BDD and a potted history of some related stuff by Liz Keogh
  6. What is Specification by Example? by Arnaud Lamotte
  7. BDD is more than “TDD done right” by Neel “Laks” Lakshminarayan
  8. A practical blog on how to write Scenarios using BDD by Ryan McKergow
  9. 3 Misconceptions About BDD by Nicholas Pufal and Juraci Vieira
  10. Step Away from the Tools by Liz Keogh
  11. BDD is not about tools by Neel “Laks” Lakshminarayan
  12. Who writes the specification? by Marcus Hammarberg
  13. Pulling Power: BDD / FI by Liz Keogh
  14. Feature Injection: three steps to success by Chris Matts & Gojko Adzic
  15. Introducing Deliberate Discovery by Dan North
  16. BDD is more than “TDD done right” by Neel “Laks” Lakshminarayan
  17. That’s not BDD, that’s just Cucumber by Chris Parsons
  18. BDD is not about tools by Neel “Laks” Lakshminarayan
  19. Real Options by Chris Matts
  20. Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) by Ministry of Testing
  21. Scenario-Oriented vs Rules-Oriented Acceptance Criteria by Antony Marcano


Do you learn better by watching videos?

Agile Specifications BDD and Texting Exchange 2009

  1. Dan North, “How to Sell BDD to the Business”
  2. Gojko Adzic, “Challenge Requirements”
  3. Liz Keogh, “Fractal BDD”

Agile Testing & BDD eXchange 2011

  1. Gojko Adzic, “Visualising Quality”
  2. Chris Matts, “Driving Requirements from Business Value”
  3. Matt Wynne, “BDD as it’s Meant to be Done”


Follow the deep thinkers in BDD:

  1. All about #BDD, a summary of related twitter links
  2. @gojkoadzic Gojko Adzic
  3. @lunivore Liz Keogh
  4. @PapaChrisMatts Chris Matts
  5. @tastapod Dan North 


Do you have a question?

  1. Specification by Example | Google Groups


If you’re here because of seeing one of my presentations, here are some links (contact me for further information):

  1. Coming soon! Video of “How to Improve Your Project with Tiny Stories” from IIBA Central Iowa (December 2013)
  2. Video of “Using ATDD to Build Customers That Care” presentation from Skills Matter event, BDDXNYC (September 2013)
  3. Paper and accompanying Slides of “Reducing Risk in Software Projects Using Behavior Based Development” from PM Symposium, UTD Dallas (August 2012)
  4. Video of “Unleashing the Power of Behavior Driven Development” to IIBA Dallas (April 2012)


Is your favorite article, video, or blog post missing from this list? If so, then shoot me a note (click “Follow Me” to the left) about why your favorite should be included.

 Last Update: Jan 8, 2014