Scrum: Wrapper? Savior? Troublemaker?


Scrum: Wrapper? Savior? Troublemaker?

Scrum seems to be taking over software development, but how does it fit into a SDLC? What are the differences? Do they make a difference? This is a chance to discuss real world implementations, tools, goals, fears, and implications.

This early morning conversation is with the Arizona Chapter of Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG), a professional community of selected CIO’s, CTO’s, vice presidents and directors of technology. Find out more about TENG here.


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PPT cover slide

Moving from Cordial to Cahoots

PPT cover slide

Moving from Cordial to Cahoots:

Using Alignment, Requirements, and Agility to Add Value

Inaugural Arizona IT Symposium 
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, Ironstone Conference Room
Tempe, AZ

Presenting a case study of how Universal Technical Institute, Inc. was able to dramatically improve the partnership between IT and business units after adopting an Agile software development methodology.

From the Agenda:

IT is a key enabler for the business and the bottom line – but it’s often viewed as a drag on both people and profit. In order to bring leverage and value to both the proposition and purpose of your organization you must make a difference in the life of your customer.  Your IT department can be more than costly projects coming in late. You do not have to throw away months or years of effort due to changing business needs. You can add value in the short-term, leaving your customer both engaged and delighted.

This session will engage you through presentation and discussion as we cover steps for maturing your software development and project management groups. Using a history of real world projects, we will share how your IT shop can move from disorganized to procedural-based alignment. Don’t accept being a just business associate, become your customers’ companion and ally.


 Jeffrey Davidson 
 Director of Business Analysis & Quality Assurance 
 Universal Technical Institute 

Jeffrey Davidson is Director of Business Analysis & Quality Assurance for Universal Technical Institute (NYSE: UTI) where his teams are responsible for enabling five software development teams. In this role, he leads the effort to ensure projects are aligned with strategic goals and focused on providing the maximum impact in an Agile environment.

Jeffrey’s diverse background includes working in (and failing with) start-ups, climbing a small corporate ladder all the way to President, and consulting with Fortune 100 companies. As a consultant, Jeffrey has worked with teams at BellSouth (now AT&T), Raytheon, Dell, and eBay. He is regarded as an expert in the implementation of requirements methodologies and mentoring of business analysts and product managers.

With years of experience in training, facilitation, and documenting the desires and solutions for systems, he understands the needs, challenges, and solutions surrounding clear requirements definition.


Agenda: Inaugural Arizona IT Symposium