20 Quotes about BDD and Agile Analysis

Kickstart Academy, a training organization where you get access to experts started a podcast series and I was privileged enough to be involved recently. Watch (click the image above or watch on Youtube) as Chris Matts interviews Kent McDonald, Jake Calabrese, and myself about the use and misuse of Given-When-Then, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), and business analysis in agile.


There were some great quotes (tweetable moments) and here are 20 of my favorite:

“Use Given-When-Then after the conversation, not during”

“You mean the special, princess, unicorn BA”

“BDD is here to make Eric Evans’ dream — everyone on the team understanding the domain — come to life”

“There are no BAs in agile … is an agile fairytale”

“The tools have made [BDD] into a developer focused thing, and not an ‘understanding’ tool”

“I have never seen a method for getting a BA from brand new or mediocre to competent or very good faster than BDD”

“BDD will help you [BA] do your job better!”

“The people you call ‘old-school’ are your organizations ‘tradition holders'”

“BAs are risk managers”

“Alistair Cockburn got something right when he said analysts should be called Value Managers”

“All the successful people do different things”

“The BA needs to shift from focusing on features and what to develop to what not to develop, maximizing what’s not done”

“I always start with the final THEN and then ask them what gets us to THEN”

“It’s an interview of what you’re doing”

“Can you think of an example where this outcome doesn’t happen? Can you think of a different outcome to this situation?” hat tip to @lunivore

“Where do you engage BDD in the [development] process?” “As soon as possible. And as late as possible.”

“Where do you engage BDD in the [development] process?” “Always. I don’t even understand how you can ask the question.”

“If the system’s not behaving, what is it doing?”

“I think, on the BA side, context is even more significant than it is on the software side, the technical side”

“The tools that are most effective are fairly simple, but have enough subtlety and nuance that they can be very powerful”


Here what you need to find and follow this great group:


If you are looking for more on Behavior Driven Development, then please check out my BDD Resource Page.


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    Nice post! It is interesting to see the quotes pulled out of the interview in a list… lots of good stuff!

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