Using BDD & Feature Injection

I am very excited to be talking this morning at the Building Business Capabilities Conference 2011. The organizer, Rising Media, has done a fabulous job with over 900 attendees with 4 related, but separate focus areas.

My presentation, Using Behavior Driven Development and Feature Injection to Build Better Software will be @ 11:30 AM in Regency 1. I do hope you will come and hear the presentation.


  1. Click for a PDF of my PowerPoint presentation deck, with full slides & transitions. EXTRA: This has just a touch more than the “public” PDF deck you will find at the conference website. It’s something extra for the folks who follow me on twitter & read this blog. All rights reserved, etc.
  2. If you can make it to the talk, then please help me make this a conversation, not a boring presentation.
  3. Huge thanks are due to everyone who helped me learn more about this topic. With a special shout-out to Paul Hammant for the introduction to BDD and Chris Matts for the kind conversation.
  4. Any oversights and mis-statements are someone’s fault. I’m not sure who, but someone is to blame.


  1. sheri   •  

    Jeffrey, how do I convert your BBD presentation from xml in the zip file to PPT? I tried to contact you at the email addr you gave at BBC conference by it didn’t work.

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    • @JeffreyGoodReq   •     Author

      Check out how Elena built upon my presentation in her blog post about the Fallacies of Product Ownership.

      You can find her over here: Pragmatic Agilist

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